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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: 10 Ideas to Repurpose Your Glass Jars

Glass Jar Vase with Flowers in a Dublin Rental Kitchen Many renters are concerned in living more sustainably. And a huge bit of sustainable living is reusing food containers as often as you can. Glass jars are particularly easy to repurpose since they can be washed and then re-filled or used to create something new. If you’ve been considering ways to reuse glass jars, here are ten suggestions to get you started!

  1. Store bulk food items. Clean glass jars are brilliant for storing food items bought in bulk, as well as nuts and seeds, grains, and baking essentials.
  2. Quick and easy meals. Use glass jars to store your leftovers or to make overnight oats for a delicious breakfast. For lunch, you can layer salad and toppings in a jar for an easy take-along meal.
  3. Drinks all around! Some glass jars can make fun glassware for beverages. Canning jars are similarly sturdier than many other kinds of glassware, making them ideal for the dishwasher and to use for all sorts of occasions, indoors and out.
  4. Create a hanging spice rack. Small glass jars can make a inventive and orderly hanging spice rack for your kitchen. Just screw the lids of baby food jars to the underside of your cabinets, fill the jars with your choice spices, and twist them on. This idea functions great in the garage to store small hardware, too!
  5. Add natural beauty. For a fast and simple touch of beauty, why not make use of a glass jar as a vase? Add flowers and water and present them in your favorite spot.
  6. Light it up. Repurposed glass jars also work well as tealight holders. To create one, fill the bottom of a clean glass jar with sand, beads, or tiny pebbles, and add a tealight candle. Show on a table, or add a handle of wire or twine to hang
  7. Get down to earth. Another creative way to use glass jars is to create a terrarium. Using soil, pebbles, bark, dried flowers, or anything else you’d like, make a more visually attractive display in a jar. These work great for home décor or to give as gifts.
  8. Give the gift of dessert. You can use repurposed glass jars to create a tasty treat for friends and neighbors. Layer the dry ingredients for cookies or brownies in the jar, add a bow and baking instructions, and gift away!
  9. Helpful home storage. Glass jars work very well to store small household items, such as cotton swabs, makeup, office supplies, and more. For an even more creative twist, you could decorate the jar with paint, markers, or ribbon and then display it on a vanity, shelf, or desk.
  10. Save it up. If you are saving up for something special, you can use one or more glass jars to help you see the progress you are making. Glass jars can hold loose coins and bills or even slips of paper. Drop them in and watch your savings grow toward your dreams!

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